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What Is A Misdemeanor In Ohio?

Misdemeanor In Ohio
MISDEMEANOR CASES generally involve the least serious criminal offenses in Ohio. However, this case still carry penalties like fines, jail time, and court costs. Therefore, it is not wise to take this case charge lightly.

Misdemeanors are broken down into 5 different categories. The higher the category classification of misdemeanors the more severe the possible penalties will be for the offense.

Degrees Of Misdemeanors

THE CLASSIFICATIONS  offenses are known as degrees. The higher the degree, the higher the penalty associated therewith. The classifications are 1st Degree, 2nd Degree, 3rd Degree, 4th Degree, and Minor Misdemeanors (MM). A first degree of this case is the most serious of all cases and a Minor Misdemeanor, known as an MM, is the least serious. Examples of a first degree misdemeanor are an OVI / DUI or a theft charge, where examples of an MM include speeding tickets. It is important to understand the degree of misdemeanor that you are facing, so that you can understand the possible penalty involved with your case.

Misdemeanor Penalties

THE DEGREE, OR CLASSIFICATION of misdemeanor for which you are charged will determine the possible penalties that you are facing with your case. Here is a breakdown of the misdemeanor degrees and the maximum penalty for each classification:

Degree Jail Fine
1st Degree 6 Months $1,000
2nd Degree 90 Days $750
3rd Degree 60 Days $500
4th Degree 30 Days $250
MM None $150