Barr, Jones & Associates Team

Our Attorneys

Jason Barr
I FIRST BELIEVED there had to be a better way for attorneys to serve their clients more than a decade ago. This law firm is the realization of that dream. – Jason Barr

Andrew Jones
I BECAME AN ATTORNEY BECAUSE I wanted to help people and also to grow professionally. I believe in listening to and helping people with their legal needs. – Andrew Jones

Andrew Brasse
I WENT INTO THE LEGAL FIELD because I felt it merged my analytical strengths with the ability to work with people in a positive fashion. – Andrew Brasse

Nathan Pieri

EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES. I want to make sure they don’t stick with you forever. Nathan Pieri

Justin Wright
From a young age, I have had A PASSION TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of those around me; I bring that passion to every client I serve. – Justin Wright

Meghan Schmucker
WITH OVER TEN YEARS’ EXPERIENCE in Ohio family law, Meghan will negotiate to get optimal results for all involved parties. – Meghan Schmucker

Brandy Chandler

The practice of family law allows me to FIGHT FOR MY CLIENTS today so that they can have the best possible tomorrow. Brandy Chandler

Sean Porter
Sean has wanted to be an attorney from a young age. He specializes in representing clients in the Family Law and Criminal Law areas. – Sean Porter

Sean Porter
Through my hands-on experience I’ve learned to come up with practical, efficient solutions using sharp problem-solving skills and reasoning for all my clients. – Christopher Sawyer – Christopher Sawyer

Firm Awards

The law firm of Barr Jones & Associates LLP has been nominated for Corporate America’s 2016 Legal Elite Awards.
Corporate America is a leading magazine for the dealmakers, game changers and decision makers in the U.S. business market, with a subscription list of over 254,000 business and professional service provides, including CEOs, partners, managers, owners, presidents, directors, litigators, and mediator. The Legal Elite 2016 Awards highlight the most respected lawyers and attorneys as well as their fields of expertise and the companies they represent, and focus on the incredible results that come of commitment and passion in the industry. Barr, Jones and Associates has been nominated for this distinction.

Barr Jones & Assoc LLP selected as the “2015 Best Business of Cincinnati” in the category of Criminal Defense Law.
The Cincinnati Best Businesses Program is an annual program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Cincinnati area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value. Barr, Jones & Associates is honored to be selected for this annual achievement.

Barr, Jones & Associates has been selected as the Editors Choice winner of the 2016 Corporate Intl Magazine Global Award for “Bankruptcy Law Firm of the Year in Ohio”
Corporate International Magazine is a business publication that reaches hundreds of thousands of business leaders and decision makers in the finance and advisory communities worldwide. The Company’s Global Awards commemorate those who have been successful over the past year and shown excellence in expertise and service.Sean Porter