Personal Injury

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DEALING WITH AN INSURANCE COMPANY after an accident can often be more traumatic than the accident itself. Not only are you inconvenienced, you may also be worried, fearful, and in physical pain.

Personal Injury

Next Steps

  • Contact police to file report
  • Get medical treatment promptly
  • Do not sign anything
  • Do not submit to a recorded statement
  • Take photos of injuries
  • Take photos of property damage
  • Keep written log of missed work
  • Keep written log of pain and suffering
  • Keep mileage log for treatments
  • Call us as soon as possible

Our attorneys are here to help you navigate through this difficult time in your life. The insurance company may seem friendly and helpful, but remember, their goal is to quickly settle the claim for less than you deserve. Let us prevent this from occurring.

At this time do not speak with or allow the insurance company to record a statement regarding the accident as this could be used against you. Do not sign anything from the insurance company until you speak with one of our attorneys.

Your rights include having the insurance company pay for your damages including compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, and other consequential damages. We can protect your rights.