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What Is A Felony Case In Ohio?

Felony Case In Ohio
IN OHIO, FELONY CASES consist of the most serious of all criminal charges. Felony convictions come with severe penalties. This can often result in a life-long impact on the person charged.

In addition to jail time and fines, a person will this kind of  conviction often faces other issues like the ability to own a firearm or even the ability to obtain gainful employment. Felonies are broke down into 5 different categories. The higher the category classification of felonies, the more severe the possible penalties will be for the offense.

Degrees Of Felonies

THE DIFFERENT CLASSES OF FELONIES are known as degrees. The higher the degree, the higher the penalty associated therewith. The classifications are 1st Degree, 2nd Degree, 3rd Degree, 4th Degree, and 5th Degree. A first degree felony is the most serious of all felony cases and a 5th degree felony is the least serious. Prime examples of 1st degree felonies include murder and rape. Theft and failure to pay child support are examples of 5th degree felonies. Since the degree determines the possible penalties of your case, it is imperative that you understand the degree/classification of the charge that you are facing.

Felony Penalties

THE DEGREE , or classification of a felony for which you are facing will determine the possible penalties with your case. However, felony sentencing is very complex in Ohio. The following is a breakdown of the felony degrees and penalty possibilities, but the list is in no way completely comprehensive. It is best to talk to an experienced felony attorney / lawyer to determine the exact penalty possibilities for the charge that you are facing.

Degree Jail Fine
1st Degree 3 years up to life (death sentence) $20,000
2nd Degree 2-8 Years $15,000
3rd Degree 9 Months -60 Months $10,000
4th Degree 6 Months – 18 Months $5,000
5th Degree 6 Months – 12 Months $2,500