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5 Types Of Evidence That Should Be Gathered In A Criminal Defense Case

Published 07/10/20 by Admin

The ability to spot, collect, and analyze various types of evidence is one of the most critical aspects for any experienced Cleveland OH criminal defense […]

When to Bring a Lawyer to a Petty Theft Case

Published 06/26/20 by Admin

Petty theft is when you’re accused of stealing an item that’s low in value. You might steal an item from a store, an organization, or […]

How Many DUIs Will Get My License Revoked in OH?

Published 06/19/20 by Admin

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious offense in Ohio. If you are charged with this crime, you are in trouble […]

Domestic Violence in Quarantine: How to Stay Safe

Published 06/12/20 by Admin

During a period of being required to quarantine in your home with a partner who can be abusive could be detrimental to your mental and […]

DUI Checkpoints – Are they legal?

Published 03/22/19 by Admin

Although some states prohibit DUI checkpoints on constitutional or statutory grounds, the State of Ohio permits them. Certain guidelines are followed though. Those guidelines were […]

Theft Crimes: “Crimes of Moral Turpitude” Consequences

Published 03/15/19 by Admin

Crimes of moral turpitude, including theft, are more serious than one might think. It doesn’t really matter why you have stolen or what you think […]

What Chemical Tests are Given for a DUI in Ohio?

Published 11/30/18 by Admin

Impaired driving is a very serious criminal offense in the state of Ohio, and merely requiring suspected drunk drivers to submit to a field sobriety […]

Law Firm 500 Honoree: Fastest Growing Law Firms in America

Published 10/22/18 by Admin

For three years in a row, Barr, Jones & Associates LLP has been named a Law Firm 500 Honoree for being one of the fastest […]

Kourtney P. Brueckner Receives Young Lawyers Section Community Service Award

Published 07/02/18 by Admin

Kourtney P. Brueckner of Barr Jones & Associates LLP received the Young Lawyers Section Community Service Award, in recognition of her efforts and engagement as […]

Do I qualify for an annulment in Ohio?

Published 06/25/18 by Admin

If you are in a marriage that you want dissolved, sometimes there is more than one option. The most common option is divorce, which is […]