When to Bring a Lawyer to a Petty Theft Case

Published 06/26/20 by Admin


Petty theft is when you’re accused of stealing an item that’s low in value. You might steal an item from a store, an organization, or from a person. If you’re caught and the item is deemed to have low value, then you’ll likely face a petty theft charge. 

Being charged with a crime is always serious business. So don’t underestimate the importance of taking your case seriously. Petty theft isn’t as serious a crime as murder, but being found guilty of a crime is never good. It will affect your life – no matter how simple the crime may seem. 

If you’re charged with petty theft, contacting a lawyer is a wise decision. Barr Jones & Associates are Cleveland Ohio criminal defense attorneys who can help. Handling your case on your own isn’t the best decision. The court system is often confusing and complicated. Without a legal background, you could make serious mistakes when dealing with the courts. 

An attorney can review your case, discuss your options, and help you decide how you want to proceed. Having an attorney can also possibly get the charges against you reduced or dismissed. 

Dealing with a petty theft case takes strategy just like any other type of case. It helps to know all about petty theft and the associated laws. Unless you’re an attorney, it’s highly unlikely that you know enough about petty theft to represent yourself should it come to appearing in court. 

Barr Jones & Associates are Cleveland Ohio criminal defense attorneys ready to review your case. The attorneys will examine your case, and discuss your options. During the initial meeting, you’re not obligated to commit to anything. You’ll simply have a chance to discuss your case and decide which course of action is best.