Theft Crimes: “Crimes of Moral Turpitude” Consequences

Published 03/15/19 by Admin


Crimes of moral turpitude, including theft, are more serious than one might think. It doesn’t really matter why you have stolen or what you think the value of the stolen items might be – the end result of getting caught is not worth the gain. If you take a moment to understand the far-reaching impact of such crimes, you may understand why it’s so necessary to work with a top Cleveland OH criminal defense attorney

The Punishments
The punishment for theft can depend on several different factors. Petty theft or shoplifting, which is a misdemeanor, carries with it up to six months in prison and up to a thousand dollars in fines. This is the lightest type of punishment you can get, even those who are able to walk away without jail time will usually have to pay fines far heftier than what they would have gained by stealing. The most serious theft offenses can land you in prison for up to a decade and require you to pay tens of thousands of dollars in fines. These penalties can be even harsher for repeat offenders. 

Long-Term Consequences
The long-term consequences don’t stop with prison. Committing a crime of moral turpitude makes it very hard to get a job after you are released. It also makes it very difficult to get any type of professional degree or to join any type of professional association. Any group that requires its members to have good moral character will tend to avoid those who steal. 

A Cleveland Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help
If you are accused of a theft-related crime, you need the help of an attorney. You need to call a Cleveland Ohio criminal defense attorney the moment that you’ve been accused of the crime. Without the help of the best Cleveland OH criminal defense lawyer, you might find yourself facing a future with extremely limited prospects.