How Many DUIs Will Get My License Revoked in OH?

Published 06/19/20 by Admin


Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious offense in Ohio. If you are charged with this crime, you are in trouble and you should respond accordingly. Anyone can make a mistake, and sometimes the same mistake can be made twice by the same person. This happens quite often with DUI cases. However, if you have learned your lesson and made it a rule never to get behind the wheel of a car after you have been drinking, you should contest any DUI charge that is brought against you.

It is important to know the law on DUI. The DUI license suspension and revocation laws in Ohio are as follows:

-For a first-time offense, your license can be suspended from one to three years

-For a second DUI offense, the suspension can last up to seven years

-For a third offense, your license can be suspended for up to twelve years

-And if you are convicted of a felony DUI, your license can be revoked for life.

You will be charged with a felony DUI offense if you have been convicted of three or more DUIs in the last ten years.

You Can Challenge the Charge

Being arrested and charged with a DUI does not mean that you are guilty of the crime. Police and prosecutors must still prove their case. This gives you the opportunity to defend yourself. 

The police do not always get it right, and they are not allowed to pull over and arrest someone on a whim. There are rules, guidelines, and laws they must follow. And if the officer who pulled you over violated any of these rules at any point in the search, then you can make a case against them. You can be acquitted of the charge or have the case thrown out if there are inconsistencies in the officer’s story or they violated law and procedures when arresting you. 

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