5 Types Of Evidence That Should Be Gathered In A Criminal Defense Case

Published 07/10/20 by Admin

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The ability to spot, collect, and analyze various types of evidence is one of the most critical aspects for any experienced Cleveland OH criminal defense attorney. Evidence is instrumental in all criminal cases. Legitimate evidence may help convict a suspect in no time. The court recognizes these five types of evidence, as discussed in this piece.

Real evidence
Real evidence is any material that was used or present in the crime scene at the time of the crime. The material or item will be presented in court as real evidence. These materials may include a gun, bloodied clothing, money marked by anti-theft coloring, a knife, and a distorted car, among others.

Documentary evidence
Documentary evidence may also be presented as part of real evidence and is often the most common in criminal cases. Generally, this is any evidence that builds up the documentation of the events leading to the crime often presented during trials. For instance, if your criminal defense attorney in Cleveland presents a case of breach of contract, acceptable documentary evidence would be the actual contract that was violated.

Demonstrative evidence
In addition to testimonies, demonstrative evidence backs it up to prove the case right or wrong. Barr Jones & Associates highlights animations, diagrams, maps, and similar techniques as part of demonstrative evidence.

Testimonial evidence
Often viewed as the simplest form of evidence presentation, testimonial evidence accepts statements made by witnesses ready to reveal what they saw before, during, or after the crime. Your Cleveland OH criminal defense attorney will confirm that this type of evidence doesn’t need support to make it legitimate.  

Digital evidence
Evidence retrieved from any kind of digital file or electronic source qualifies to be classified under digital evidence. They include text messages, emails, phone calls, documents, and data retrieved from hard drives.

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