5 Steps to Take When Considering Divorce

Published 07/17/20 by Admin


Before you even hint to your spouse about divorce, adequate preparation is vital. You might be caught by surprise to realize that your spouse is not opposed to the divorce. If this is the case, your preparedness will eventually save you so much on time. If you are thinking about divorce, Barr Jones & Associates, best divorce attorney Cincinnati Ohio is the legal team you need to consult. To help you get a glimpse of what the essentials of preparing for a divorce are, here are some steps from the best Columbus Ohio divorce attorneys, Barr Jones & Associates.

1. Make copies of all relevant documents
Financial records and titles to property are essential documents. The sooner you have them, the better, in the event your spouse locks you out of accounts, our divorce attorney Cincinnati Ohio can help you reclaim your rights pending finalization of your divorce.

2. Consult with an attorney
Legal help in a divorce case is essential. Working with our Columbus Ohio divorce attorneys will help you establish the required documents in a divorce case and ensure that you have all the relevant documents before the commencement of the divorce process.

3. Talk to your spouse
Approaching your spouse and serving them with the divorce papers depends on your current relationship. If you live together, you might have a sit-down and discuss. If not, use the required legal process of serving legal documents like registered mail to avoid confrontations.

4. Conduct negotiations
With property involved, negotiate with your spouse and try coming up with an agreement on the property distribution.

5. Final settlement
If the divorce is not contested, a settlement is the best option. In your settlement, the most significant issues will be the distribution of property, custody, and maintenance of the children. In case there is a contention, always explore arbitration and mediation before resolving the court process.

Those looking at their options or are prepared to file, contact our divorce attorney Cincinnati Ohio trusts at Barr Jones & Associates today.