Arrested for Drunk Driving During the Holidays?

Published 12/18/20 by Admin

drunk driving

The holiday season is finally here, and families and friends that have been away from each other or busy for a major part of the year now have spare time to meet and bond. With the celebration mood already ignited, most people do not mind a drink as part of the celebrations. The problem, however, arises when individuals drink too much. Always remember that indulging in responsible drinking is one way of staying out of trouble during the festivities.

Take note that drunk driving arrests increase during the holidays. Hence it is highly likely that you or your loved one might end up being arrested for driving under the influence. Spending a night in a police cell or jail is not something you should be looking forward to. Therefore, if you or your loved ones are arrested, it is crucial to reach out to Cleveland OH criminal defense attorney for insights on the bail and bond process.

Reasons why DUI arrests during the holidays are complicated

Everyone deserves some holiday time; therefore, the court officials are not excluded. Since judges and other court officials are essential service providers, they operate using skeleton staff to keep the judicial operations moving during the holiday. In the same regard, the number of DUI arrests during the holiday are many. With fewer court staff and several DUI cases to handle, the courts end up with a great backlog. With all these circumstances, it becomes very complicated to handle a DUI case during the holidays. Our Cleveland criminal attorney from the law office Barr Jones & Associates understands the stress being arrested for a DUI crime during the holiday can cause. Therefore, consultation with our Cleveland criminal lawyer gives you a chance to be represented by a legal professional who understands the time-sensitivity of a DUI case during such times, hence helping you build a competent defense to expedite your case.

How to avoid being arrested and charged for drunk driving during the holidays

Driving under the influence of alcohol during the festivities can greatly affect you, especially where an accident is involved. Upon an accident on Cleveland roads during these festivities, an officer is likely to conduct an alcohol test on the parties involved. Suppose you are found to be intoxicated; the question of if you were at fault will not arise as you can still be arrested and charged for a DUI. Even though our drunk driving attorney in Cleveland is always ready to offer legal assistance in your case. It is crucial to exercise some safety tips during this holiday season.

The number one safety tip during the holiday season is to avoid drinking and driving. If you happen to drink at a friend’s place, always call a taxi to take you home. Another safety tip that will always work is to avoid the roads and stay home or somewhere safe. You do not want to be arrested for a DUI charge on new year’s eve and stay locked up while everyone else is celebrating. However, in the event, you still choose to go ahead and end up being arrested, reach out to our drunk driving attorney in Cleveland for assistance with bail and bond procedures.

What can a drunk driving lawyer in Cleveland do to help?

Courts experience a lot of backlog during the holiday season. With many staff being on holiday and the number of DUI cases being on the rise, your case will likely take longer to determine. Therefore what you will require is bail or bond to accord you temporary freedom as you await your case’s prosecution. Our Cleveland drunk driving attorney is duly experienced on matters of bail and bond. With the level of competence our attorney displays, you are guaranteed an expeditious bail and bond process.

Our lawyers can help if you or your loved one is facing a DUI charge during the holiday season. Please contact the law office of Barr Jones & Associates and let our able attorneys guide you on what they can do to help.