When Can Police Enter Onto or Into My Property

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Barr, Jones & Associates LLP, released an article discussing “When Can Police Enter Onto or Into My Property”, if you would like to know more […]

Summer Visitations Concerns

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As summer approaches, there are a litany of concerns that litigants and potential litigants should be aware of. We will address the three main issues, […]

How A Guardian Ad Litem Can Help In A Family Law Case

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If you find yourself at this blog, you are most likely familiar with what a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) is and what functions they can […]

Understanding Prostitution and Solicitation

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In the state of Ohio, prostitution and solicitation are illegal. Still though, prostitution and solicitation can be an issue, especially in today’s society. Sometimes, a […]

The Right to Remain Silent and Why You Should Exercise It

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Whether in television, movies, or real life, at one point or another you’ve likely heard the phrase “You have the right to remain silent.” Many […]

Lowering your child support

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Many parents who are obligated to pay child support, contact our office, and ask under what circumstances they can petition the Court to change their […]

Gym Membership Regrets

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I’ve been hearing from a lot of people lately that they feel trapped in an unfair gym membership. Whether you are tired of paying for a New Year’s […]

2016 Corporate Intl Magazine Global Award for Bankruptcy Law Firm of the Year in Ohio

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Barr, Jones & Associates has been selected as the Editors Choice winner of the 2016 Corporate Intl Magazine Global Award for Bankruptcy Law Firm of […]

Criminal Defense Law “2015 Best Business of Cincinnati”

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Barr Jones & Assoc LLP selected as the “2015 Best Business of Cincinnati” in the category of Criminal Defense Law. The Cincinnati Best Businesses Program […]

Corporate Americas 2016 Legal Elite Awards

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The law firm of Barr Jones & Associates LLP has been nominated for Corporate Americas 2016 Legal Elite Awards. Corporate America is a leading magazine for the […]