Charges with Committing Fraud? Why You Need a Columbus Attorney

Published 09/20/19 by Admin

charges committing fraudFraud can be a very serious legal problem for those accused. Even the name of the charge carries a very negative connotation that may not necessarily apply to the case. Fraud cases can range dramatically with respect to material evidence, and many times the evidence is borderline or weak at best. Prosecutors regularly file charges based on questionable evidence, but those who are charged will still need the same effective professional defense from a criminal law firm in Columbus that will go the extra step in protecting their client’s legal rights. This rarely occurs when the defendant is depending on a public defender who may have compromised interests in representing the case, and it is exactly why those accused need solid legal counsel from a professional like Barr Jones & Associates fraud attorney in Columbus OH.

What Your Criminal Defense Attorney Can Do

Prosecutors are required to prove any charges they level in court. All evidence used in prosecution must be solid indications of what they are claiming happened, and the articles must all meet the standard of admissibility. Your representative from Barr Jones can inspect each documented article for valid acquisition and truthful status moving for suppression when they do not meet the standard. In addition, they can question witnesses before the court hearing and then cross-examine all witnesses during the court process. Reasonable doubt is the standard for conviction, and your attorney can focus on building as much doubt as possible even when evidence cannot be expelled.

Going to Trial

Even following a pretrial court hearing, an aggressive attorney can continue a “not guilty” plea and take the case to trial, which prosecutors typically do not want in a fraud case. Fraud can be difficult to prove without solid documented evidence, and there is still the component of intent. General human mistakes are not necessarily fraudulent and claims of witnesses can often be embellished. This can come out in a trial. A criminal defense attorney can use this potential in negotiating a reduced charge or minimal punishment even when the case may be valid.

Contact a Criminal Law Firm in Columbus

Never plead guilty to fraud without legal counsel. Always contact Barr Jones & Associates fraud attorney in Columbus OH for comprehensive representation.