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Our Columbus attorneys pride themselves on remarkable customer service. Any qualified lawyer can represent you: pick one who can communicate with you as well. You matter most to us.

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is our first location and was opened in 2004. Located at the corner of Mound Street and 4th Street. We are just two blocks east of the courthouse. Visitor parking is located next to our building. Spots are usually available with additional metered parking surrounding the building. Our attorneys of Columbus handle all of our practice areas and service all of Central Ohio.

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Bankruptcy Attorneys Columbus Ohio

Columbus bankruptcy fresh start

Hiring the best bankruptcy attorney

to handle your financial situation is crucial to a positive outcome. Our Columbus bankruptcy attorneys handle both Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. We can help you file for bankruptcy protection. We evaluate whether you can keep your car, keep your home, and stop wage garnishments. Learn more about how bankruptcy protection can bring you a financial fresh start.

Even people with great intentions face financial problems. Our Columbus bankruptcy attorneys have provided help to thousands of people with debt problems just like you. Bankruptcy is not something to be ashamed of, but should be considered when other methods of debt-elimination have been unsuccessful.

If you are looking to save your home, save your car, and keep your property, an experienced attorney can often help. Bank account garnishments and wage garnishments are also something that a bankruptcy attorney can often stop.

Dealing with financial concerns can be stressful. We understand that this stress can be difficult to manage at times. We work to eliminate this stress. Our goal is to provide you with the personal attention and the top legal representation that you deserve. We keep legal fees affordable when representing clients.

What you need to know about Bankruptcy in Columbus

  • Should I get an attorney?

    Anyone can have financial issues. Our Bankruptcy attorneys in Columbus have experience helping thousands of people seek bankruptcy protection.

    Although it is not necessary to have an attorney, getting one can help your case move smoothly. If you pursue bankruptcy on your own without the assistance of a legal professional, you are at risk for making mistakes that could significantly impact your bankruptcy proceeding.

    All work conducted by the Bankruptcy Department of our Law Firm is supervised by a lawyer that is experienced and highly respected in the legal community.

  • Getting started

    Bankruptcy is governed by federal law, so for Columbus residents bankruptcy petitions are filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Ohio. United States bankruptcy law provides protection to consumers who simply cannot stop the flow of debt.

    Before a case is filed with the bankruptcy court, our clients will understand all debt relief options including chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy. Columbus residents that have chosen to pursue bankruptcy typically choose to file either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. While the end result is the same for both types of bankruptcy, the process by which debt is eliminated will be different.

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Columbus

    After evaluating your financial situation, our columbus bankruptcy lawyers may determine that Chapter 7 bankruptcy will be the best way for you to eliminate your debt. The initial step is to file a bankruptcy petition. This effectively stops your creditors from harassing you, which is one of the most stressful aspects of dealing with debt.

    Once the harassment stops, a trustee will oversee your case to ensure you are eliminating your debt in the most feasible way possible while satisfying your creditors as much as possible. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is also known as “liquidation bankruptcy” because any non-exempted assets can be sold in order to satisfy your debt. This does not occur often as most property is usually exempted. Chapter 7 does enable you to discharge your debt within a relatively short period of time (usually within three to four months).

  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Columbus

    Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also known as “reorganization bankruptcy” because you will eliminate your debt by formulating a repayment plan through the protection of the bankruptcy court. You would first file a petition with the bankruptcy court that would stop all creditor collection activities. A trustee will help to establish a court-approved repayment plan that fits your financial situation, making payments that you can manage from month to month.

    Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a better option for consumers who wish to keep their assets when they are behind on the payments or have too much unprotected equity. This type of bankruptcy enables consumers to learn how to manage their debt and live without accumulating more. While this type of bankruptcy is more structured, and allows you to keep your property, it does take three to five years to complete. Overall, the amount of time a Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding takes may be significantly shorter than the time it would take you to pay your debt without the protection and aid of the bankruptcy courts.

  • Affordable Bankruptcy Help

    Numerous Columbus residents have debt that simply will not go away. Whether you are stuck under a mountain of credit card debt, have unending medical bills, or otherwise have expenses that are keeping you from staying afloat, bankruptcy is an option that you should consider to eliminate your debt once and for all.

    Our attorneys provide bankruptcy and other debt-related legal services to individuals from Columbus as well as other parts of Ohio. With the help of our attorneys, you will have a better understanding of the debt you are facing, and what the best method is for eliminating that debt. We offer free phones consultations and flexible payment plans to assist our clients.

  • Always handled by an attorney

    You will meet with an attorney, not some other staff member like some other firms. Our Bankruptcy department ensures that all work conducted is always supervised by an experienced attorney that is highly respected in the legal community. We are extremely proud of our reputation. Making our clients happy is something we work very hard to accomplish.

    Reviews and rankings on-line and on our website support that our lawyers provide top rated legal services. We will not file a case with the court until our clients understand all debt relief options.

    Your Columbus bankruptcy lawyer will personally review your situation and answer your questions. Bankruptcy is a team effort, your attorney will always be available for you.

Divorce & Custody Attorneys Columbus Ohio

Finding a divorce attorney

who is aggressive, caring, and competent is important. The Columbus divorce attorneys at our firm handle all aspects of family law cases. We deal with the end of your marriage through divorce or dissolution.

No matter what your needs, our divorce attorneys in Columbus are prepared to answer any questions you may have about divorce.

Our custody attorneys in Columbus, Ohio also handle your custody cases. We work to negotiate your child support and visitation arrangements. This may be necessary as part of your divorce proceeding or separately if you were never married.

Divorce and family lawyers in Columbus, Ohio

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Columbus Ohio

Columbus criminal defense attorney

Being charged with a crime

is a serious matter that should be handled by an experienced criminal defense attorney. Our criminal defense department handles all aspects of criminal defense including misdemeanor and felony cases.

Whether you’re charged with a minor theft, an embarrassing DUI / OVI in Columbus, or a serious felony case, we have an attorney to help you. Put our reputation to work for you.

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