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Family Law Attorney Areas of Practice

    Uncontested Divorce
    Contested Divorce
    Agreed Modifications
    Contested Modifications
    Child Support
    Child Custody
    Child Visitation
    Shared Parenting Issues

Our Starting Family Law Attorney Fees

   Uncontested matters starting at $495
   Contested matters starting at $1,000

Common Family Law Issues For Lawyers

   Divorce/Dissolution Issues
       Termination of marriage
       Property division
       Debt allocation
       Spousal support
       Child custody
       Child visitation
       Child support
    Non-Marital Issues
       Child custody
       Child support
       Child visitation
       Modify previous court orders
       Protection Orders

Family Law Resources / Links

   Franklin County Municipal Court
   Franklin County Common Pleas Ct.
   Ohio Revised Code

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Franklin County Juvenile Court - Single unmarried father from Columbus retained our services to fight for parental rights to his child. After much litigation, we were able to secure him shared parental rights including equal time with his son. Our Divorce Attorney was able to deviate child downward from the State guideline amount.  The child’s birth certificate was also amended to reflect that our client was the father and the child was granted our client’s last name.   R.T.

Contested Divorce
Cincinnati Being subjected to emotional abuse for many years, our client contacted our firm to begin divorce proceedings. After meeting with the attorney for hours, they developed an intricate plan for filing the divorce and transitioning the client into a new life without her husband. Through tough negotiations, our client feels confident that she is financially secure without her husband and has received a fair share of their marital assets. By considering the specific personal aspects of our client’s case, we fill confident that she will be able to restart her life with relative ease.

Cleveland After a default judgment in a divorce in which her ex-husband received sole custody of their children, there mother met with an attorney from our office. We were able to gather strong and compelling evidence to show that it was in the children’s best interest that our client be awarded custody. An agreement could not be reached, and we proceeded to trial on the merits of the case. After the trial, the Court issued its decision granting our client custody of her two children. We have no doubt that the work we did, allowed the children to be with the parent that is in their best interest. D.C.

Franklin County Domestic Court - Our client was married in 1999 but had been separated from her spouse for over 10 years without any type of contact.  She was unable to determine his current location, but she was desperately in need of a divorce.  Our Divorce Lawyer was able to serve her spouse through publication and obtain her an uncontested divorce along with restoring her to her premarital name.  This allowed our client to move on with her life without the need for costly litigation.    C.E.

Marion County Domestic Court -  Married with three children, our client contacted our office worried that she would lose her children if she filed for divorce.  Our Divorce Attorneys were able to secure her the divorce from her husband that she required while also obtaining her sole custody of the three children.   S.B.

Franklin County Domestic Court - Couple married for 10 years sought to terminate their marriage in an amicable way.  Our family law attorneys were able to negotiate a dissolution of the marriage and agree to all child related issues, as well as debt and property division in an equal and fair manner.  D.J.


A Divorce Attorney and a Dissolution Attorney are examples of family law attorneys/lawyers.  Family Law is the practice of law that revolves around marital and/or child related issues.  From terminating your marriage to gaining custody of a non-marital child, to changing previously granted divorce orders, or establishing a parenting time schedule, a family law attorney/lawyer can help.

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-Dissolution: Husband & wife agree to all issues including property division, debt allocation, spousal support, and all child issues (support, custody & visitation). Both parties sign all documents and attend one brief hearing in order to end their marriage.  A Dissolution Attorney can make the process seamless.

-Uncontested Divorce: Either husband or wife wants to end the marriage. However, the other party is not willing to cooperate, but will not object to the issues in the case. A divorce is filed, a hearing is held, but the party that does not cooperate does not attend and the divorce is granted by default. This is a great option when a person does not know their spouse’s whereabouts.  A Divorce Attorney be be able to navigate the process.

-Contested Divorce: This is where the husband and wife disagree on at least one issue. It can be only one issue causing the problem or every issue. When you hear the word divorce, this is what comes to mind. Contested cases can be messy and lengthy. Experienced divorce attorneys can make all of the difference.

-Child Issues: Anytime a child was born during a marriage that is being ended, all child issues are handled in the divorce, including custody, visitation, and support. If a child is born outside of a marriage, the parties can agree or dispute the custody, visitation, and support. These matters are handled by a juvenile court, and the orders granted are valid until the child turns 18 and is out of high school.  Attorneys and Lawyers will be able to help, especially a well respected Custody Attorney.

-Modifications: If a court order is granted either through any family law matter including divorce, dissolution and cases involving children, the orders can be changed at a later date by requesting a modification. If all parties agree the modification is agreed. If the issues are disputed it is a contested matter that must be decided by the court.  An experienced attorney can make the process much easier.

-Other Family Law Matters: Adoption is where a non-biological parent actually gains the same rights as a biological parent through technical court proceedings. Protection Orders are granted by courts when a person is in fear of immediate harm as a means of legally keeping the wrongdoer away.


Our Divorce Attorneys / Family Law Department Attorneys have experience with multiple areas of family law.  We have been ranked as one of the top family law practices by multiple sources, including Columbus CEO Magazine and Columbus Business First Newspaper.  With offices in Columbus, Cincinnati & Cleveland, we handle cases throughout the State of Ohio.  Our firm handles a high volume of family law matters and is greatly respected by the courts. Regardless of the family law situation that you are facing, we have the knowledge and experience to help. Divorce, Dissolution, and Custody, we have the right Attorney for you.  We can properly advise you of your options while answering the many questions that you may have. Call us today for your free telephone consultation. Let us show you why Barr, Jones & Associates LLP is a wise decision to help protect you in your time of transition.


Many people going through a Divorce or Dissolution often find themselves in a difficult financial situation once the family law case is completed.  Being forced to live on one income source after establishing bills while living on two income sources is often a difficult task.  Bankruptcy is a way to resolve this financial turmoil.  Not only can Barr, Jones & Associates provide the services of a DIVORCE ATTORNEY, but we can also offer the services of a BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY from our highly respected Bankruptcy Department.  You can take back control of your life.

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