What To Do If You’re In A Car Accident

Published 07/14/16 by Admin

Driving on a road or highway, regardless of how cautious of a driver you are, can still be a dangerous task. Although you are more than capable of controlling your own actions while you are behind the wheel, unfortunately you cannot control the actions of others. Reckless drivers are a growing statistic in this country and contributing factors like road rage, cell phones, and a lack of turn signals contribute to the extraordinary number of automobile accidents each year. Being involved in an automobile accident can be a scary and sometimes overwhelming situation for everyone involved. This article will provide you with the basic steps of what you should do if you have the unfortunate luck of being a part of an accident.

Imagine yourself driving along, paying attention to the rules of the road and doing everything you are supposed to be doing when a car comes out of a lane beside you, gets too close and rear-ends your vehicle. Regardless of where you are, the highway or a regular street, if you and the driver are capable of doing so and your vehicles are not too damaged to move, you and the driver at fault should immediately get both of your vehicles over to the side of the road and turn on your hazard lights to avoid creating issues with traffic.

If nobody is injured, then it is not necessary to contact the police to have them come out for the accident. However, if you were injured in the accident or the person who rear-ended you was injured in the accident, and it is serious, you should contact the police to inform them of the injured party’s location so they can send the appropriate persons to assist you or the injured person.

Next is the most important part of the process as long as nobody is injured. You must exchange information with the other driver. This includes your name, address, vehicle registration number, and of course your insurance information. You should get the same information from the individual who rear-ended you. If you or the other person involved in the automobile accident do not have insurance, it is still important to get all of their information for further use. If you have medical issues down the line such as whiplash or something more severe, it can be important in finding the person who was at fault and holding them responsible.

Once you have exchanged the relevant information and the police were not called, if you are capable of driving your vehicle and the other person is capable of driving theirs safely, you may leave. Otherwise, contact a tow truck to come out and safely transport the vehicle to a destination of the owner’s choosing.

Immediately after the accident has occurred, you should notify your insurance and attempt to contact the at-fault driver’s insurance to place a claim against them. If you begin to feel any on-set effects from the accident, including whiplash or pain of any kind, you should go to a hospital for medical treatment. If you learn that the at-fault driver’s insurance is fraudulent or expired, you should not hesitate to contact an attorney who can assist you in holding the appropriate persons responsible.

Remember to always exercise caution on the roadways. A defensive driver is a safer driver.

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