Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Friends

Published 11/07/14 by Lyndsey Johnston

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Out with a friend one evening, our young client ended up being arrested and charged with drug trafficking, and possession. Our client has never been charged with an offense in the past, and was very successful in extra-curricular activities. Yet, the prosecutor was convinced that our client was a part of a drug trafficking circle. Our attorney met with the prosecutor and reviewed all of the police reports; it was evident that the reports as they were written did not warrant charges.

Our attorney further spoke with the arresting officers who told him they did not witness our client’s willing participation. With this uncovered, our attorney was able to force the prosecutor to dismiss the charges, or face an embarrassing trial which would have likely ultimately led to an acquittal. Our client has been able to return to his normal after school activities, and will be applying to colleges soon enough.

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