What are the Possible Consequences of a Petty Theft Charge in Dayton Ohio?

Published 09/06/19 by Admin

petty theft

Petty theft is a common crime in and around Dayton. The crime also includes shoplifting. Both crimes are a first-degree misdemeanor, and a conviction is nothing to laugh about. Petty theft and shoplifting are punishable by up to six months in jail and a fine not to exceed $1,000. That conviction can lead to a permanent criminal record. There are other collateral consequences that might attach too. It’s strongly recommended that you retain the defense attorneys at the criminal law firm in Dayton of Barr Jones & Associates to help you obtain the most favorable disposition possible with your case.

As per the Ohio Revised Code section 2913.02, nobody with the intent to deprive the owner of property or services shall knowingly obtain or exert control of the property or services of somebody else in any of the following ways:

  • Without the consent of the owner or somebody else authorized to give consent.
  • Beyond the scope of the express or implied consent of the owner or somebody else who is authorized to give consent.
  • By using deception.
  • By using a threat.
  • By employing intimidation.

According to our Dayton OH criminal defense attorneys, if the value of the stolen property is less than $1,000, an accused person can be convicted of petty theft.

The Collateral Consequences
Regardless of the fact that petty theft is a misdemeanor, it’s a crime of moral turpitude, and a conviction for the offense can remain on your permanent criminal record. Employment, educational, housing opportunities and other opportunities can be denied.

If you are arrested for any kind of theft in or around Dayton, don’t give police a statement or confession. You’ll only be giving prosecutors what they need to convict you. Contact the Dayton OH criminal defense attorneys at Barr Jones & Associates. When you retain our criminal law firm in Dayton, alternatives to a conviction might become available.