What a First Drug Offense Looks Like

Published 08/28/20 by Admin

drug possession

Ohio is a state that has some of the strictest drug laws in the country. Even if you are facing your very first drug charge, the laws are also complex. This is what you can expect with a first drug offense.

If you are found to be in possession of a Schedule III, IV or V controlled substance, you can be arrested and charged with drug possession. Being in possession of Schedule I or II drugs can result in a charge of aggravated possession of drugs.

Generally speaking, if you are convicted of drug possession, the penalties you can face depend on the specific drug in question and the amount of which you were in possession. The amount of the drug is commonly referred to as “bulk.”

If you are convicted of possession of drugs and it is less than bulk amount, the crime is charged as a first degree misdemeanor. Penalties include a maximum of 180 days in jail or a fine of no greater than $1,000 or both.

On the other hand, if you have gotten a first conviction of possession of drugs in bulk amount or a greater amount of the substance but under five times the bulk amount, you are charged with a felony in the fourth degree. This crime warrants a penalty of no less than nine months in jail and a fine ranging up to $5,000 or both.

In addition to jail time and fines, you can also expect to have your driver’s license suspended, receive probation and be ordered into diversion, a program that may actually see the charges against you dismissed if you meet certain criteria.

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