Summer Visitation Schedules: How to Keep Things Normal for Your Kids

Published 08/14/20 by Admin

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Summertime can create unique child custody situations. When issues arise, it is important to try to resolve disputes in such a way that is in the best interest of the children. The divorce attorneys in Columbus Ohio from Barr Jones & Associates can provide legal advice about how to keep things normal for your kids during the summer.

Custody issues that can arise in summer

Summer can bring various child custody issues. Some common visitation disputes that can arise include:

  • Vacation time
  • Family reunions
  • Travel expenses
  • Summer activities
  • Supervision of the children
  • Changes in the children’s wishes

How can you keep things normal for kids in the summer?

To avoid disputes and keep things normal for kids in the summer, it is important to maintain routines and communicate with the other parent. Planning ahead for vacation time and events can help ensure that issues do not arise. Parents will need to communicate with each other in advance to reduce the chance of conflict.

Parents should also work together to develop similar routines and rules in each home. This consistency will be beneficial for your children. Communication is key and both parents need to keep the children’s best interest in mind.

How can an attorney help with summer visitation issues?

Columbus Ohio divorce attorneys can provide legal advice to help you address summer visitation and custody issues. We can provide legal representation to help you enforce or modify an existing custody order. We will help you know how to best handle various issues and reduce the chance of conflict.

If you need assistance with child custody matters, contact us to visit with an experienced divorce attorney Columbus Ohio. We will help you understand what options are available and recommended for your situation.