Should We Have a Prenuptial Agreement in Place?

Published 07/05/19 by Admin

prenuptial agreement

Marriage is one of the most important commitments an individual can make. Unfortunately, not all marriages last forever. It’s often wise to have protections in place, even if you plan on being with the other person forever. The best way to protect yourself is often with a prenuptial agreement, something that the attorneys at Barr Jones & Associates agree is important for anyone who is contemplating marriage.

The most important thing to remember is that a prenuptial agreement is not an admission that your marriage is not going to last. It is also not a sign that you do not trust your partner, nor that you are planning an escape if things get tough. A prenuptial agreement is simply a legal protection for your assets in the case that something untoward occurs. This document is simply one that will protect both of you if something ever goes so wrong that you need to dissolve your marriage. Think of it as a kind of insurance for your own personal financial well-being. 

Not only does it help to protect assets, but it ensures that neither party will be left destitute if a divorce is to occur. It’s a simple admission that you care enough about your partner to make sure that he or she is left financially stable even if the unthinkable happens and your marriage must be ended. 

A good prenuptial agreement isn’t just something a divorce attorney in Cleveland Ohio would recommend. It’s recommended by anyone that encourages people to enter into a marriage with open eyes and realistic expectations. The vast majority of these agreements never get used, but those that do go a long way towards protecting the parties who draft them.

You absolutely need a prenuptial agreement if you are going to get married. It’s simply a smart bit of insurance that will protect you in the case of divorce. If you’re looking at a prenuptial agreement – or are in a situation that makes you wish you had one, make sure to contact a divorce attorney in Cleveland Ohio at Barr Jones & Associates.