No Probable Cause Found in Ferguson Case

Published 12/23/14 by Lyndsey Johnston

The Barr, Jones & Associates LLP, released an article discussing “No Probable Cause Found in Ferguson Case”, if you would like to know more Please continue reading this article below.

On Monday November 24, 2014 it was announced that the Grand Jury did not return an indictment charging officer Darren Wilson with any charges in connection with the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Usually, the felony criminal process starts with an indictment. An indictment is the formal written accusation of a crime made by a grand jury and presented to a court for prosecution against the accused person. In the indictment process a grand jury is presented with evidence from the case, and based upon that evidence that is presented, the grand jury will then make a decision whether there is probable cause to officially charge/indict the accused.

In this case at hand in Ferguson, Missouri the grand jury found that there was not probable cause to officially charge Darren Wilson with a crime. Meaning that the evidence presented did not give the grand jury a reasonable ground to believe that Officer Wilson committed a crime. Probable cause is a much lower standard than “beyond a reasonable doubt,” which is required to convict an accused at trial.

Follow the link below to see some of the documents and evidence that was presented to the grand jury to make your own informed opinion about the matter.
Documents Released in the Michael Brown Case