You may not be stuck in that unfair gym contract

Published 04/08/16 by Admin

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I’ve been hearing from a lot of people lately that they feel trapped in an unfair gym membership. Whether you are tired of paying for a New Year’s resolution you were unable to keep, trying to cancel a membership because the fees have become too expensive, or feel as though you are not being provided the services promised to you; when it comes to facing giant gym corporations alone it can be very intimidating and may feel like you are trapped with no way out.

Fortunately, Ohio law requires gyms and other providers of prepaid entertainment to supply specific forms to consumers when they are signing up for a membership in addition to requiring specific things of the gym in regards to consumers who wish to cancel service. A gym’s failure to properly follow the law provides consumers with an opportunity to get out of the contract and can even allow the consumer to recover double damages on all monies paid under the contract. Additionally, Ohio law permits consumers to recover attorney fees allowing Barr, Jones & Associates to work for you while requiring only minimal monthly payments and in some cases no monthly payments at all.

Some of the most common issues people have with gyms in Ohio include:

  • Gyms that fail to stop charging their credit-cards after the client has terminated the membership.
  • Gyms not honoring termination requests.
  • Gyms that do not provide agreed to training sessions.
  • Gyms wrongly telling consumers that a notarized letter is required to cancel.
  • Gyms failing to provide a cancellation notice forms at the time the consumer signed up.
  • Gyms lying about the nature of personal training agreements.
  • Gyms refusing to cancel personal training agreements.
  • Gyms failing to provide the proper number of cancellation notice forms.
  • Gyms providing cancellation notice forms that do not adequately conform to what Ohio law requires.

If you are having issues with any of the specific problems listed above, are sick of being stuck in a gym membership contract you no longer use, or having any questions about getting out of an unfair gym membership contract contact any of our 3 Ohio locations for a free telephone consultation.