Marsy’s Law – Ohio Crime Victim’s Rights

Published 02/16/19 by Admin

marsy's law

What is Marsy’s Law?

No one wants to think about the possibility of becoming a crime victim, but unfortunately it does happen. Ohio is an extremely populated state and there are all kinds of individuals that live here. Fortunately for all law-abiding citizens, there is a new law that will give them respect and dignity if they ever have the misfortune of being a crime victim. The law is called Marsy’s Law, and it has become the law of the land in such diverse states as California, Illinois, South Dakota, North Dakota and Ohio. In times past, the person accused of a crime had at least 20 individual rights, but the victim and their families had none. That has all changed with Marsy’s Law. Columbus Ohio attorneys now have a new effective way to represent crime victims. 

Where the Law Came From

Marsy’s Law is named for Marsalee (Marsy) Nicholas, who was a student at the University of California Santa Barbara when she was stalked and murdered by her ex-boyfriend. A week later, the ex-boyfriend confronted her parents in a grocery store, and they were shocked he had been released on bail. This precipitated the passing of Marsy’s Law, which ensures that all crime victims have a right to be heard and considered when it comes to bail considerations for suspects. Because of this law, YOU have a right to give a judge your concerns before they release a suspect. 

Because the victims have legal standing in bail hearings, parole hearings, sentencing and other concerns, the perpetrators of crimes will be held more accountable for what they have done against crime victims. Moreover, victims also have a right to compensation. If you are a crime victim, what does this mean to you? 

Contact a Lawyer
An attorney in Columbus Ohio can help you fully understand what your new rights are. Legal professionals are already fully versed on the nature of these laws, and they can help you navigate this and fully represent you and your interests.