How to Create a Custody Agreement for Non-Married Parents

Published 07/12/19 by Admin

custody agreement

Going through a separation is never an easy matter. Even if you are not married you can hire a firm of attorneys to handle your case. We will help you get the best possible deal for your custody agreement. Whether you are seeking full or partial custody, we will work with you to present a reasonable and compelling case in court. 

Please keep in mind that this not the kind of case that you want to try to handle by yourself. The lawyer that your soon to be former partner has hired will do all in the power to discredit you. They will try to paint you as a bad or risky parent in a bid to get the judge to award sole custody to your former partner. This is not the kind of outcome that any parent could desire.

Contact Barr Jones & Associates to Help Resolve Your Custody Dispute
Your best bet is to contact a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer from Barr Jones & Associates to represent your case in court. We will work with you to come to a custody agreement that will satisfy all parties involved. Call the divorce lawyer Cleveland residents rely on to resolve their custody issues as quickly as possible.