How does the State of Ohio Determine Child Support?

Published 03/29/18 by Admin

child support

When a couple gets divorced, there are many matters to deal with in the legal sense. This becomes even more complicated when there are children involved. It can be particularly complicated in cases where one parent is required to pay child support. If you are going to be required to pay child support or you are going to be collecting child support in the state of Ohio, it is definitely worth knowing how the system works, so that you do not have to deal with surprises in that regard.

In the state of Ohio, the government calculates the amount of child support to be paid based on the incomes of both parents. There is a table on the official government site that will tell you how much you will have to pay based on both of your respective incomes.

You will first have to figure out the percentage of income between the two parents that is earned by the parent who is paying child support, and then that parent will have to pay that percentage of the total required amount of child support for the year. Of course, this will be divided into 12 and owed on a monthly basis, typically deducted from the paycheck of the parent who is paying child support. It is worth keeping in mind that there is legislation that is currently in the works to increase the amounts that are in the current chart, as these numbers were set years ago. It is important that you use the most current information when you are trying to figure out how much will need to be paid.

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