First Five Things To Do After Being Accused Of DUI

Published 07/24/20 by Admin

accused for dui

Having a driving under the influence, sometimes abbreviated as a DUI charge levied against you can be a frightening experience. Moreover, if convicted, you could face significant legal, personal, professional and financial consequences. Ergo, the actions you execute in the moments and hours following said event often prove critical to minimizing potential damages. 

Barr Jones & Associates, Dayton Ohio DUI attorneys, invite you to read this short blog suggesting five steps that should be taken in the wake of such an incident. 

Document As Much As Possible

It is imperative that you try to remember and document as much information as possible. Issues, such as the reason the law enforcement official stopped you, how the administration of a breath test was overseen, the type of field sobriety tests you were asked to perform, the location where you were stopped and any other pertinent facts can help a Cleveland Ohio DUI lawyer strategize an appropriate defense or consider the most appropriate next steps. 

Remain Silent

The law affords you this freedom. Most legal professionals strongly urge you to exercise said right. You have likely heard the adage anything you say can and will be used against you. The plain truth is such facts are accurate. Therefore, you should not discuss anymore than you absolutely must with law enforcement officials or anyone else who is not a practicing Cleveland Ohio DUI lawyer. Remaining silent also means not airing any facts or grievances about the incident on your social media accounts.  

Be Polite And Cooperative

As important as remaining silent is, demonstrating a significant degree of politeness and cooperation could also prove crucial over the long haul. You should comply with requests made by police and never display a rude demeanor or any level of combativeness. 

Contact A DUI Lawyer

Legal experts strongly urge you to consult with an experienced DUI attorney as soon as possible. Said professional can review your case and suggest the best way to proceed. 

Be Honest With Your Lawyer

Honesty is the best policy. Withholding pertinent information can not only make formulating any type of defense strategy difficult but could harm your case as said event progresses.  

Contacting Us

If you reside in Ohio and have recently been arrested on suspicion of DUI, please contact Barr Jones & Associates. Our experienced team of Dayton Ohio DUI attorneys can review the facts surrounding your case and might be able to help you avoid potentially serious consequences. More information about our firm and the services we provide can be found by accessing