With Creative Thought & Great Representation, Our Client Prevailed

Published 11/07/14 by Lyndsey Johnston

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A client with a severe medical handicaps came to see us after being cited for an OVI. This was her first time behind the wheel in years, and it was only because she had received a phone call that her father had suffered a heart attack. With the prospect of facing 6 months behind bars, our Criminal Defense Attorney Columbus went to bat for our client. He met several times with the prosecutor and laid out a list of her medical conditions, including reports from her doctors. At first the meetings were met with skepticism, however our attorney continued to negotiate. With some creative thought, our attorney negotiated a deal where our client’s ultimate goal was met. Our client was able to avoid a jail sentence, in return for agreeing to surrender her license. At the end of the day, she spent no time in jail and was able to put this stressful and embarrassing event behind her.

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