Caught Driving under DUI suspension?

Published 11/22/17 by Admin

dui suspension

If you’re caught driving during a DUI license suspension, you face a first-degree misdemeanor. The court is already unhappy with you because of your DUI conviction, and the penalties for driving when you’re under a DUI suspension can be severe. You face mandatory jail time, a fine, and more.

The Penalties

When you’re convicted of driving during a drunk driving suspension, you face a license suspension of an entire year or more. In addition, the state may immobilize your vehicle and impound your license plate. You must spend at least three consecutive days in jail or you may be eligible for house arrest.

What can you do?

The first step to fighting the charge of driving under a drunk driving suspension is to work with an experienced Ohio criminal defense lawyer to evaluate defenses. In most cases, whether you were driving and whether you’re under DUI license suspension are relatively straightforward questions. However, this isn’t always the case, so you shouldn’t assume that there aren’t defenses available to you on these issues. In addition, experienced attorneys such as the attorneys at Barr, Jones & Associates can help you evaluate your case to determine if you have any defenses based on constitutional grounds. If law enforcement stops your vehicle without a lawful reason, the court might throw out the evidence against you. In addition to evaluating defenses, a plea offer may be an option in your case. Your Ohio criminal defense lawyer is likely aware of several lesser charges that have reduced penalties that might work in your case.

A plea agreement may take jail off the table, or it may shorten or eliminate the length of your license suspension. No plea offer is guaranteed, and if you want to go this route, you’ll need to make your case to the state’s attorney about why a plea offer is appropriate in your case.

The Columbus Ohio DUI attorneys at Barr, Jones & Associates can help you evaluate your case and make a plan for the best possible outcome.