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How to stay out of Debt this Holiday Season

Published 12/11/20 by Admin

The holiday season is finally here, and most people are ready to have a good time. One challenge that, however, arises is the expenses that […]

Why Fear Of Lowering your Credit Score Shouldn’t stop you from filing bankruptcy

Published 11/20/20 by Admin

How Does Bankruptcy Affect Credit Scores?  The way in which bankruptcy will affect their credit scores stops people from filing for bankruptcy. The fact is […]

Your guide to Emergency Bankruptcy

Published 11/13/20 by Admin

What Is an Emergency Bankruptcy?  An emergency bankruptcy filing makes it so that your creditors cannot take any actions to seize or sell your assets. […]

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Do’s and Don’ts

Published 09/25/20 by Admin

If you live in Ohio and you need a Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer to help you with a bankruptcy filing, then Barr Jones and Associates can […]

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Do’s and Don’ts

Published 08/07/20 by Admin

After reviewing your monthly income and the payments that you need to make each month or the collectors you owe, you might decide that bankruptcy […]

5 Things You Should Know Before Filing for Bankruptcy

Published 07/03/20 by Admin

Being in debt can be crippling. Depending on the circumstances, bankruptcy may be your only option for relief. However, there are five things you must […]

What to Expect During the Bankruptcy Process in Quarantine

Published 06/05/20 by Admin

When is it ever a good time to be in bankruptcy court? It is practically never a pleasant experience, and that is why people need […]

Illegal Debt Collection Practices

Published 03/29/19 by Admin

If you have missed payments on a loan or have an old debt, you may soon be dealing with debt collectors. Although bankruptcy lawyers in […]

Stopping the Repossession Process

Published 02/09/19 by Admin

Things do not always go the way we plan in life—especially when it comes to finances. If you are deep in debt and can see […]

Meeting of Creditors, Who Needs to Attend?

Published 11/16/18 by Admin

Many people who file for bankruptcy wonder whether they will have to go to court. The bankruptcy laws require that you go to a meeting […]