Barr Jones Wins Big Again!

Published 11/06/14 by Jason Barr

The bankruptcy attorneys at Barr, Jones & Associates have ranked in the top 10 again according to the new statistics released by the 722 Redemption Company. Attorney Andrew P. Brasse, out of our Cincinnati Office, was ranked number 4 in Cincinnati. Attorney Jason F. Barr, out of our Columbus Office, was ranked number 7 in Columbus.

Both Attorney Brasse and Attorney Barr ranked in the top 50 for the entire state of Ohio. With over 38,000 licensed attorneys in Ohio, this places our two bankruptcy lawyers in the top 1%. The 722 Redemption Company assembles a list of the number of chapter 7 bankruptcy cases filed by bankruptcy attorneys/lawyers each quarter. The list is released through the monthly newsletter. The most recent list released was for the 3rd quarter of this year.

Bankruptcy can be a complex and difficult area of law to navigate. Experience matters when selecting a bankruptcy attorney. Lawyers ranking high on this quarterly list show the experience necessary to properly handle a bankruptcy case. Before selecting a bankruptcy lawyer or attorney, do your homework. Make sure the attorney or bankruptcy law firm possesses the experience necessary to ensure that your case is properly processed with the bankruptcy court. Remember, a great bankruptcy attorney can prevent can resolve issues before the issues become problems.

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