Arrest in Westside Serial Rapes

Published 06/17/16 by Lyndsey Johnston

There are many taboo topics in our society. One of the most taboo and difficult to talk about areas of discussion is the topic of rape. In the last month, there has been a series of rapes that have occurred in the Columbus area, and now an individual has been arrested in connection with the investigation of this string of sexual assaults. This blog is dedicated to summarizing and analyzing the details surrounding the series of serial rapes in West Columbus as well as the arrest of Eric Allan Pearce-Robinson in connection with these crimes.

The first sexual assault occurred on April 18, 2016 around 4 a.m. when a woman was approached by three white males. It is reported that a firearm was involved, and the woman was assaulted around Brehl Avenue in Columbus.

The second sexual assault occurred less than a week later on April 24, similarly around 4 a.m. around Sullivant Avenue, several blocks from the first rape. A firearm was reportedly involved in this assault as well. Two men approached the woman in a dark colored vehicle. This vehicle would serve as the location of her sexual assault.

The most recent sexual assault occurred on May 19, also at around 4 a.m. near South Burgess Avenue. The woman was approached by three men, forced into an alley and raped at gunpoint. At some point during this sexual assault, there was a struggle between the woman and her attackers which resulted in her being shot in the stomach/abdomen area. Surgery was performed and the victim is recovering from her attack.

Until recently, the Columbus police department had no leads regarding this string of sexual assaults in West Columbus. This all changed when Eric Allan Pearce-Robinson, a resident of Columbus, was arrested and charged with one count of rape in connection with the sexual assault that occurred on May 19. Pearce-Robinson’s mother, a former victim of sexual assault, believes that her son is innocent of the charges and that he would never do something like that.

Police arrested Pearce-Robinson after his DNA was found on a used condom located at the crime scene of the May 19th rape. The police continue to look for two other suspects, but Pearce-Robinson has been the only individual arrested and charged in connection with any of the three sexual assaults.

While he has not been formally charged for the other two incidents, police are looking at Pearce-Robinson as a potential suspect in all three rape cases. Police, however, refuse to release Pearce-Robinson’s mugshot because the investigation is ongoing.

Reports show Pearce-Robinson was arrested earlier this year and was scheduled to go to court regarding charges of the earlier arrest on June 21, 2016. He was charged with aggravated burglary and domestic violence involving his ex-girlfriend.

On Friday, May 27, Pearce-Robinson made his first appearance in court. The prosecution requested a high bond because of the charges against Pearce-Robinson and the judge agreed. Pearce-Robinson is currently being held on a $2,000,000 bond.

In the state of Ohio, rape is a first degree felony and carries with it a number of heavy penalties if the individual is found guilty. These penalties can vary depending on the circumstances involved in the rape, but it is important to note under certain circumstances, an individual could face a sentence of life in prison. However, based on the circumstances in this case, if found guilty of a single charge of rape, Pearce-Robinson could face a jail sentence of anywhere from 3-10 years as well as the possibility of up to $20,000 in fines. Also, that individual would be placed on the sexual offender registry.

A trial date has not been set for Pearce-Robinson as the investigation into the series of rapes that have occurred in West Columbus continues.

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