When All Else Seems to Fail, We Wouldn’t

Published by Lyndsey Johnston

After facing reduced hours at work, and a reduction in pay, our client was on the verge of losing her home. As if this was […]

When You are Backed into a Corner, Help is Here

Published by Lyndsey Johnston

A mother of three feared that she was not going to be able to keep her job. Her employer required that she have a license […]

Saving Homes, Helping Families

Published by Admin

After not making his real estate tax payments for over a year, our client was facing a tax foreclosure against his home. The home had […]

Making an Impact Every Day

Published by Lyndsey Johnston

A divorced father of two was struggling to support his family. He had inconsistent income received from his job as a subcontractor. Our Bankruptcy Attorney […]

Fracking Legalities!

Published by Jason Barr

Hydraulic fracking does cause earthquakes. It seems to be common knowledge within the oil and gas industry that fracking has caused earthquakes, but the tremors […]

Failed Breath-analyzer? Don’t sweat it!

Published by Jason Barr

Just because a person fails a breath-analyzer test does not mean that it will automatically result in an OVI/DUI conviction. According to the recent Ohio […]

Barr Jones Wins Big Again!

Published by Jason Barr

The bankruptcy attorneys at Barr, Jones & Associates have ranked in the top 10 again according to the new statistics released by the 722 Redemption […]

Celebrity Divorce

Published by Jason Barr

The Kardashians may not be that different than you, at least when it comes to their rights when filing for a divorce. Khloe Kardashian originally […]

Few Cases Going To Trial In Ohio

Published by Jason Barr

Cases going to trial in Ohio courts are a very uncommon occurrence according to the recently released 2013 Ohio Courts Statistical Summary. The report showed […]