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Sean Porter is the latest in a long line of attorneys from the same family practicing in the Northeast Ohio area. Cleveland has been home to his family since the 1820’s. Sean continuing the family tradition of providing outstanding legal services to clients throughout Northeast Ohio, a tradition of legal service that began with his great-great uncle Judge James Conell in the early 1920’s. Sean loves the Cleveland area and shows his appreciation for its people with superb legal representation.

Sean has wanted to be an attorney from a young age. He specializes in representing clients in the Family Law and Criminal Law areas. While in law school, Sean spent his final year as a student attorney in the Law Clinic. There he became familiar with Family Law, Domestic Relations, and Criminal Defense. Sean will guide you through the struggles many people experience when engaged in a Divorce, Dissolution, Child Custody, Child Support, or Alimony disputes. He understands that these can be extremely difficult times for clients, and works to ensure that his clients are happy with the results achieved. Sean works to make sure that the children involved between married or non-married parties have a household and a living environment that allows them to grow into the persons they were meant to be. In Criminal Defense cases, Sean builds trust with his clients to ensure that their rights will be protected every step of the way through the legal process.

Sean wants every client to know that his practice is devoted to achieving the best results for his clients. Often times, the work continues outside of normal business hours. Sean is here to represent your best interests and believes that he cannot be satisfied with an outcome until the client is. Let Sean take on your case and you will see an exceptional attorney in action determined to protect your interests.



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