Tax Settlement

Options for Settling IRS Tax Obligations

If you are being harassed by the IRS

and are unable to pay your IRS tax debt in full, an Ohio Tax Resolution Attorney can help. Dealing with IRS back taxes is a very stressful situation. The harsh reality is that the IRS is one of the most difficult and aggressive creditors around. The IRS does not stop until tax debt is either collected or resolved. Putting it off or doing nothing is not going to stop the IRS from collecting on taxes owed; it will only make the situation worse. The IRS generally provides 4 options for resolving tax debt through settlement options, as follows.

For a full payment

installment agreement you submit a repayment plan to the IRS that allows you to repay your full tax obligation including penalties and interest through a monthly payment plan.

A partial payment

installment agreement allows you to submit a repayment plan to the IRS in which you repay a reduced dollar amount to the IRS including your tax obligation and penalties with interest.

An offer in compromise

program allows you to settle your tax obligation for less than what you owe. Accepted compromises allow for the repayment of your tax obligation and penalties/interest at pennies on the dollar.

Bankruptcy Protection

can discharge some tax obligations but not others. Any obligations not discharged can still be repaid through a bankruptcy repayment plan. Our bankruptcy attorneys can fully advise you of how bankruptcy can assist you in your situation.

Tax settlement offer in compromise

A Tax Settlement Attorney-Lawyer Can Help

Barr, Jones & Associates

is not a nationwide tax settlement company. We only assist Ohio citizens. You will work with one of our experienced tax attorneys that are licensed to practice by the IRS. Call us today for your free telephone consultation. Let us show you why Barr, Jones & Associates LLP is a wise decision to help you resolve your outstanding tax obligation.

The tax offer process

  • Your first meeting

    First bankruptcy meeting

    We will start with a free telephone consultation to determine which tax settlement is right for you. When you decide to move forward, we arrange an in-person meeting. This meeting is always with an attorney, not a paralegal or support staff member. The meeting can be held at one of our main office, or at a satellite meeting location close to you.

  • Submit documents

    During our initial meeting, we will notify you of what documents are necessary for us to be able to prepare your tax settlement. We will provide you with this list, so that you can gather and submit the necessary items to our office.

  • Prepare documents

    You will supply us with requested information, so that we can prepare all of the necessary forms for the IRS. Our goal is to have your case prepared within seven (7) business days of receipt of the submitted material.

  • Final meeting

    Once your case is prepared, we will review the documents together and ensure that all items are accurate and executed.

  • Submit to the IRS

    We submit your case to the IRS the same week as your final meeting. Once we receive notification that it is received from the IRS you are protected from further collection attempts (other than placing of a federal tax lien). You must comply with the approved terms upon acceptance from the IRS.

  • Fresh start

    Once you have completely complied with the terms of the settlement, you move forward free from IRS debt. This reality may be only a telephone call away. Call today for your free telephone consultation.

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