Ohio Attorney Reviews

Great group of attorneys and support staff. Really happy with my decision to use them. Ben, Central Ohio - 2/23/14
I highly recommend [these attorneys] for any legal needs one may have. They offer excellent and personable services at an affordable cost. I have received services from this firm for some time... [they are] dedicated to ensuring that clients receive the highest quality of service from everyone associated with [them]. Connie, Blacklick - 8/27/13
All I can say is: If you need an attorney, these guys are the ones to call. I’ve never had an experience with any attorney who has ever treated me the way this firm has. They are caring, respectful and most of all a friend. Jason Barr is awesome!!! I wouldn't go anywhere else if I ever needed any type of legal advise. Thank you guys so much, and Jason, you're the best!!!!!!! Harley, Columbus - 7/18/13
I recommended this firm to my in laws for some financial issues they were having. [They] did an excellent job on their case. They now have the peace of mind they were needing. Andrew - 7/22/13
[These attorneys] helped my mother out with a legal issue. [They were] professional and made everything easy for us to understand. I would recommend [them] to anybody. M.M. - 9/16/14
Word on the street is growing for this firm. They [came to me] highly recommended. K.S - 9/16/14
I was very happy with the services that I received. My attorney did a great job of keeping me informed and fought hard for me on my case. Mike - 5/22/13
I would recommend this place to anyone that needs help. You will be treated right...you won't feel like just another number. Mike - 5/22/13
My wife and I used the services of this firm on two occasions. We have been extremely happy with the results.If we need legal work in the future, we will surely use them. Yahoo Local User - 12/6/12
Wonderful service and best prices I could find. We would definitely recommend friends and family that need legal help. Yahoo Local User - 12/6/12
I used them for a divorce last year. I was very happy with the results. Now I am using them for a bankruptcy. I again am happy with the services.I would refer family and friends to these guys. Great attorneys and friendly staff. Yahoo Local User - 5/6/12
I used [these attorneys] for a divorce last year. I was very happy with the results. Now I am using them for a bankruptcy. I again am happy with the [bankruptcy] services. I would refer family and friends to these guys. Great attorneys and friendly staff. Yahoo Local User - 5/6/12
EXCELLENT attorney. Very kind, thorough, and affordable! Yahoo Local User - 11/01/07
I was very pleased with this firm. I called and spoke with an attorney to get a couple questions answered about my rights as a mom and possible custody issues that I might have in the future. The attorney that I spoke with was very nice and understanding and she gave me a lot of helpful information. I will definitely be using this firm if I need an attorney in the future! K.S - 9/30/14
Very pleased with the staff there. I was referred by a friend who used them in the past and I was very happy with their services. Everyone was so nice and pleasant that I spoke with, especially the receptionist. I will definitely be recommending them! T.B. - 9/16/14
Very pleased with the staff there. I was referred by a friend who used them in the past and I was very happy with their services. Everyone was so nice and pleasant that I spoke with, especially the receptionist. I will definitely be recommending them! T.B. - 9/16/14
Jason and team were a big help with any questions or concerns that I had with my issue. They {were} very knowledgeable and kept up with clear communication. I would definitely recommend this group to anyone! T.R. - 8/6/12
They come highly recommended. They helped my friend with a custody issue she was having. Great customer service and very friendly. J.B. - 10/6/14
I had some tax problems in 2011 and I called Jason Barr to help deal with the IRS. He always got right back to me with questions I had. [Attorney Jason Barr] made having tax issues seem easy. I really had a great experience working with [him]. N.F. - 2/4/14
I had outstanding results and overall service with [these attorneys]. They were very prompt with returning calls, answering questions, and getting me on the right path. B.B. - 1/6/14
[These attorneys] went well above and beyond any expectations I had going in. I would suggest them to everyone. B.B. - 1/6/14
My recent experience with [these attorneys] was wonderful. They helped me through a very difficult time in my life, treated me with respect and gave me peace of mind. M.D. - 11/2/13
I contacted [these attorneys] to help out a friend who had some legal concerns. They immediately responded to the issue and gave excellent advice. I would recommend this firm for anyone experiencing legal difficulties. D.W. - 10/29/13
When it mattered they came through for me. My attorney listened to me and fought for what I wanted. Google User - 10/25/12
I hope I never need an attorney again, but if I do, I would use Barr, Jones & Associates again. Google User - 10/25/12
The advice that I received from them was invaluable. I will always use them for my legal needs. Google User - 9/14/12
I called [these attorneys] to get some information, thinking that I may need to hire an attorney. Ultimately I didn't, but the help I received along the way made a huge impact. I was treated with kindness and dignity rather than being made to feel stupid for the questions that I asked. I would recommend them to anyone that has never used a lawyer and may be unsure of the process. Judysbook.com guest - 9/23/14
Thankfully the situation with my roommate has been resolved. If I have to deal with {a legal situation} ever again, they will be the first person I call. A.C. - 10/15/13
I was very pleased with the services that I received. I would use [them] again if needed...but hopefully I do not need a lawyer again. S.D. - 6/12/13
My attorney was tremendous. The staff was always respectful.It was a great experience. I will use them again if I need an attorney and will refer friends & family to them as well. J.H. - 2/25/12
I used [these attorneys] for a bankruptcy & divorce. I was very happy with the services and treatment on both situations. I have already recommended them to my neighbor who needed similar help. S.B. - 6/12/13
A couple of months back I called and spoke with Attorney Nicole Maxwell... She was very informative and answered all of my questions to my full understanding. I really felt relieved after speaking with her and would recommend her to anyone looking for a good, friendly and professional lawyer. K.G. - 9/17/14
This is a great firm. I have used their services several times and have always got the results I've wanted. J.G. - 2/6/14
This is a firm full of professional and knowledgeable attorneys. I definitely recommend using this law firm. J.G. - 2/6/14
I have been very pleased with this law firm. [They] were very helpful and like family. I have never had a [law firm] that stays right with you though every inch [of the process] to help the customers. I will make sure everyone knows if they ever need help to [come] to your firm, for any legal advice that they need. I will always keep these attorneys for any of my legal [issues], I need in the future. Again, thanks for all you have done for my family. R.S. - 6/12/14
I spoke with a young lady over the phone and she was very friendly and pleasant. Two things which are hard to come by these days. Keep up the good work! M.F. - 9/15/14
I was one of [Attorney Terry Rugg's] clients' about a year ago. Although it cost me most all I had, I went to court with a blank check thinking [he was] going to charge me additional fees as I may have gone over my retainer allowance but [he] didn't charge me extra. I've just been wanting to say thanks so much for [the] extra effort. I wish the best for you and your family this holiday season. If I ever need an attorney again or am in a position where I can refer you or your partners, I’ll certainly do so. C.M. - 11/3/14
[I am so] thankful I am that my web search, and I believe some divine guidance, brought me to [Attorney Nicole Maxwell]. [Attorney Maxwell's] gentle handling of such a difficult time in my life was a gift. Office staff was so friendly, helpful and attentive. [Barr, Jones & Associates has] been an absolute blessing. C.F. - 4/17/14
I wanted to compliment this office because from every person that I have spoken has been so pleasant. Every time that I have asked a questions, I have got an answer. Everyone has been friendly and polite and has made going through a bankruptcy at lot easier and less stressful that it could have been. I would recommend to anyone needing legal services. It is pleasure to have someone that listens and has a smile. R.B., Columbus Ohio - 11/13/14
Always gives the finest legal advice. Would recommend this law firm to anyone. They get the job done, first class! MJ, Central Ohio - 01/06/2015
I appreciated friendliness and responsiveness of the office in setting an appointment and the good communication from Attorney Andrew Jones while he was working on my legal needs. AVVO User - November 2014
I used Lawyer Andrew Jones for a debt I owed to a company that was trying to garnish my wages. Andrew took care of it for me. I told Andrew about what I could pay monthly, so he negotiated with the company, and I get to pay monthly payments I can afford; instead of an ugly wage garnishment. Charlotte - November 2014
Mr. Jones did an excellent job on my divorce case. He always gave me the information that I needed during this difficult time.He made sure that my rights were protected and that I received a fair resolution to my case. I would definitely recommend him as your attorney! AVVO User - July 2014
I was very satisfied with the representation. My attorney was very good. His staff was very friendly and helpful. I would use the attorney again if in need of legal services. Matt - 2013
I was very happy with the results I received from Mr. Barr. He is very friendly and extremely professional. He eased my mind with the amount of knowledge that he had regarding my situation. His staff always made me feel comfortable. If I need an attorney again in the future, I will contact him again for sure. Mark - 2012