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Driving Free with Peace of Mind

After thorough case research and intense court representation, Attorney was able to have all traffic charges dismissed for Client #93824. Avoiding expensive court fines / fees, and damaging points against their license, Client is now able to drive easy with peace of mind.

Down, But Not Out

Congratulations Client # 89532! After losing his job and his license, Client’s financial obligations kept piling up. The phone calls and creditor harassment had reached the point where the client could not take it any more. After sitting down with our experience Bankruptcy Attorney, Client immediately was able to get relief from some of the […]

Protecting the Best Interest of the Child

Client is currently the main care-giver for her minor nephew. Nephew is currently living with Aunt and it was considered to be in his best interest to remain so. Our experienced Domestic Attorney cordinated with client to come to an amendable agreement with all parties involved (including the biological mother and father). After helping the […]

A Second Chance When Needed

Congratulations to Client #45920! Charged with 4 Misdemeanors (2 – M1s and 2 M4s), our client needed a second chance. Through diligent case research and experienced Attorney negotiation, Attorney Rugg was able to get the charges dismissed and reduced to 1 Misdemeanor (M3), with time already served and fines / court costs only. Client has […]

Offer In Compromise / Submitted for $125

Our client was a contractor that just went through a difficult divorce and bankruptcy. He still owed the IRS over $25,000 in unpaid tax debt. Our Attorneys submitted an OIC with repayment of only $125 as the proposed full and complete settlement of the outstanding balance.

Advocating For Our Clients, Above All

Client was in court with two outstanding theft charges and a probation revocation. Client had a prior history of theft arrests and convictions. By advocating for the client and working in conjunction with the prosecuting, our attorney was able to get the client on non reporting probation and only continue on previous probation.

Dismissal of Charges

One night, our client was pulled over for a simple license plate tag violation. Upon further investigation the officers found marijuana in the vehicle. Client was subsequently charged with an MM tag violation and MM Drug abuse charge. At arraignment, our attorney was able to get a deal that allowed client to plea to the […]

Reduction of Charges

Facing a charge of Voyeurism and the requirement to register as a sex offender upon a conviction, our attorney was able to obtain a reduction of the charge to Criminal Mischief allowing his client to avoid jail and not file as a sex offender. – Franklin County/Municipal Court –

Innocent Beyond A Doubt

After days of altercations between neighbors, our client was charged with criminal damaging. Our client maintained her innocence since the very first meeting. Our attorney investigated the incident on his own and spoke with several eye-witnesses. Each stated that our client was not there, but her twin sister was. Our client works for an employer […]

Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Friends

Out with a friend one evening, our young client ended up being arrested and charged with drug trafficking, and possession. Our client has never been charged with an offense in the past, and was very successful in extra-curricular activities. Yet, the prosecutor was convinced that our client was a part of a drug trafficking circle. […]

5 Counts to 1, Plea Deal

Facing multiple charges of OVI Impaired, OVI Per Se, Failure to Signal, Drug Abuse, and Drug Paraphernalia, our attorney was able to get 5 of the charges dismissed and obtain driving privileges for our client in exchange for a plea to a single count of OVI. – Franklin County/Municipal Court –

Stopping One Mistake from Ruining your Future

Our Attorney was able to convince the Prosecutor that the State’s case had issues and then negotiate the charge from an OVI with a mandatory three day sentence to a reduced charge of physical control. Our Client was able to avoid jail, keep his driver’s license, and retain his job. – Franklin County/Municipal Court–

Lack of Evidence Leads to Dismissal

After multiple hearings and difficult exchanges with the prosecutor, our Attorney was able to obtain a dismissal of all charges against his client, due to insufficient evidence – Franklin County/Municipal Court –

Friendly Till The End

Couple married for 10 years sought to terminate their marriage in an amicable way. Our family law attorneys were able to negotiate a dissolution of the marriage and agree to all child related issues, as well as debt and property division in an equal and fair manner.

Freedom From your Worst Fears

Married with three children, our client contacted our office worried that she would lose her children if she filed for divorce. Our Divorce Attorneys were able to secure her the divorce from her husband that she required while also obtaining her sole custody of the three children.

Moving On Without Holding On

Our client was married in 1999 but had been separated from her spouse for over 10 years without any type of contact. She was unable to determine his current location, but she was desperately in need of a divorce. Our Divorce Lawyer was able to serve her spouse through publication and obtain her an uncontested […]

The Best Interest of Your Children is Most Important

After a default judgment in a divorce in which her ex-husband received sole custody of their children,their mother met with an attorney from our office. We were able to gather strong and compelling evidence to show that it was in the children’s best interest that our client be awarded custody. An agreement could not be […]

Restarting Your Life with Confidence and Ease

Being subjected to emotional abuse for many years, our client contacted our firm to begin divorce proceedings. After meeting with the attorney for hours, they developed an intricate plan for filing the divorce and transitioning the client into a new life without her husband. Through tough negotiations, our client feels confident that she is financially […]

Protect Your Rights, Protect Your Family

Single unmarried father from Columbus retained our services to fight for parental rights to his child. After much litigation, we were able to secure him shared parental rights including equal time with his son. Our Custody Attorney was able to deviate child downward from the State guideline amount. The child’s birth certificate was also amended […]

Working Hard, So You Can Enjoy Your Life

Our client was retired and living on a fixed income. Medical bills and other unexpected obligations created a difficult financial situation for him. Our Attorneys were able to secure a chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge for our client allowing him to experience financial freedom. He is now able to start enjoying retired years free from financial […]