Category: Case Results

Driving Free with Peace of Mind

Published 01/08/15 by Lyndsey Johnston

After thorough case research and intense court representation, Attorney was able to have all traffic charges dismissed for Client #93824. Avoiding expensive court fines / fees, and damaging […]

Down, But Not Out

Published 01/07/15 by Lyndsey Johnston

Congratulations Client # 89532! After losing his job and his license, Client’s financial obligations kept piling up. The phone calls and creditor harassment had reached the point where […]

Protecting the Best Interest of the Child

Published 01/05/15 by Lyndsey Johnston

Client is currently the main care-giver for her minor nephew. Nephew is currently living with Aunt and it was considered to be in his best […]

A Second Chance When Needed

Published 12/31/14 by Lyndsey Johnston

Congratulations to Client #45920! Charged with 4 Misdemeanors (2 – M1s and 2 M4s), our client needed a second chance. Through diligent case research and […]

Offer In Compromise / Submitted for $125

Published 11/07/14 by Lyndsey Johnston

Our client was a contractor that just went through a difficult divorce and bankruptcy. He still owed the IRS over $25,000 in unpaid tax debt. […]

Settled From $10,000.00 to $1,000.00

Published 11/07/14 by Lyndsey Johnston

Our client, experiencing financial troubles, owed IRS tax obligations for two tax years totaling just over $10,000. Our Lawyer was able to resolve and settle […]

Offer In Compromise / Settled for $220

Published 11/07/14 by Lyndsey Johnston

Our client, self-employed, owed over $100,000 of IRS tax debt. Our Attorney was able to settle the entire balance for only $220.

Advocating For Our Clients, Above All

Published 11/07/14 by Lyndsey Johnston

Client was in court with two outstanding theft charges and a probation revocation. Client had a prior history of theft arrests and convictions. By advocating […]

Dismissal of Charges

Published 11/07/14 by Lyndsey Johnston

One night, our client was pulled over for a simple license plate tag violation. Upon further investigation the officers found marijuana in the vehicle. Client […]

Reduction of Charges

Published 11/07/14 by Lyndsey Johnston

Facing a charge of Voyeurism and the requirement to register as a sex offender upon a conviction, our attorney was able to obtain a reduction […]